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Celebrate Independence Day with a collection of specials honoring our country and American culture. All air on KPBX 91.1, or live online at our Listen Live link. Reading of the Declaration of Independence during Morning Edition Segment (program airs twice between 5-9a On this date in 1776, church bells rang out over Philadelphia as the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. NPR continues a tradition of reading that revolutionary document, articulating the ideals of human equality and self-determination that still serve as the guiding principles of American government.
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Austria's highest court has overturned the results of the country's presidential election and ordered a re-do, citing vote-counting irregularities.

In the May runoff election, left-leaning, Green Party-backed candidate Alexander Van der Bellen defeated his far-right, anti-immigration rival Norbert Hofer by fewer than 31,000 votes. As we reported, his margin of victory was just 0.6 percent.

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Almost at the last minute, a federal judge has declared a controversial Mississippi law unconstitutional.

The law, HB 1523, would have protected religious objections to gay marriage, extramarital sex and transgender identities. The judge says it favors some religious beliefs over others and would codify unequal treatment of LGBT people.

Attorneys for the state are expected to appeal the ruling, The Associated Press reports.

A Justice Department official says the Attorney General will accept the recommendations of career lawyers and FBI agents investigating the security of Hillary Clinton's email server.

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