Washington Candidates For Governor Debate Guns, Taxes and Traffic

In their second debate, Democratic Governor Jay Inslee and his Republican challenger Bill Bryant sparred over taxes, education funding, transportation and the state’s response to homelessness.But in the wake of last week’s deadly shooting at Cascade Mall in Skagit County, gun violence was the first issue the candidates were asked to address.
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Video of Heartbreak Pass in Action

Enjoy one of Spokane’s own bluegrass bands this fall at the next free KPBX Kids’ Concert.  Heartbreak Pass plays a free concert for kids of all ages at 1 p.m. on Saturday, October 1 in River Park Square, 808 W. Main Avenue in downtown Spokane.

Heartbreak Pass has been one of the Inland Northwest's favorite bands since it started in 2008. They have evolved from traditional bluegrass to include an eclectic blend of Americana. Stan Hall takes care of the guitar duties, Singer Coats joins in on mandolin, and the soulful but lively Bonnie Bliss covers bass and vocals.

Bonnie Bliss has experience with a variety of music but focuses on the bluegrass style.  She has been singing and playing music most of her life.  Stan Hall is a seasoned guitarist and has played with many Inland Northwest regional bands over the years.  He also composes many original songs in addition to his performing.

A free kids’ craft activity will also be provided by Mobius Children’s Museum at the concert. This concert is free thanks in part to event donors Harvard Park Children's Learning Center North, Numerica Credit Union, Rocket Bakeries, and Pizza Pipeline.

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Fidel Castro and his rag-tag band of fighters assembled on the shores of Mexico, stealthily navigated their overcrowded boat to southeastern Cuba, and unleashed a 1956 insurgency that rocked all of Latin America. That temblor lasted 60 years and ended, more or less, on Monday.

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A militant has been found guilty of a war crime for intentionally destroying cultural sites — a first for the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Ahmed al-Faqi al-Mahdi has been sentenced to nine years in prison for his role in the destruction of nine mausoleums and the door of a mosque in the Malian city of Timbuktu in 2012. The sites were destroyed by "individuals, some armed with weapons, with a variety of tools, including pickaxes and iron bars," according to court documents.

At the end of Monday night's presidential debate, Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of taunting one of his former Miss Universe contestants about her weight.

Clinton said the Republican nominee's criticisms of Alicia Machado, a Venezuelan who won the Miss Universe contest in 1996, was "one of the worst things he said" about women. "He called this woman Miss Piggy. Then he called her Miss Housekeeping because she was Latina."

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LA Rams Fan Trapped In Port-A-Potty

4 hours ago
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Bertha Vazquez has taught earth science for more than twenty-five years.

"For many years I covered the basic standard, probably like most people in the country do."

Then one day she says she decided to throw all that out the window when she saw former Vice President Al Gore speak at the University of Miami at a screening of An Inconvenient Truth, his documentary about climate change.

"And it really ... hit me. This is 2007 and, I've got to tell you, I lost sleep," Vazquez says.