SEIU, Dr. Bronner's Behind Major Donor To Washington Minimum Wage Measure

There’s a lot of talk about “dark money” in politics these days. That’s money raised and spent by so-called “social welfare” organizations that don’t have to disclose their donors.But sometimes these groups will reveal who’s giving them money -- if you ask.
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We May Die, But Our Tweets Can Live Forever

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Trying To Make The Worst Sound In The World

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Barbershop: Trump's Comments And Latinos

42 minutes ago
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In a development that could give Spain sorely needed momentum on its path to forming a new government, Pedro Sanchez resigned as the leader of the main opposition Socialist Party. Sanchez had promised to step down if the party voted to end his ban on enabling a coalition conservative-led government.

The tally in Saturday's vote was 133-109; according to El Mundo, the vote was held by a show of hands, after critics dismissed the use of a ballot box as an attempt to rig the vote.

The most popular time to tweet in the last couple days, if you're a presidential candidate, has been before the sun rises.

On Saturday, Hillary Clinton unleashed a pre-dawn tweetstorm in response to Donald Trump's now-infamous early-morning tweets the previous day.

Contrasting tweetstorms

In her 3 a.m. tweets, Clinton focused on policy — specifically on national service, which was the focus on a speech she gave Friday.

SPR Presents one of America's musical icons live in concert at the Bing Crosby Theater on Oct. 6. Mark O'Connor will perform a collection of works featured in his American Classics teaching series.  Wife Maggie O'Connor, also a virtuoso violinist, joins him in duets of a wide range of music.

Tickets are available now at TicketsWest.

This SPR Presents is made possible in part by Event Donors The Cleaning Authority, Dodson's Jewelers, MTR Communications and Sam Rodell, Architects.

Mark and Maggie O'Connor Teach a New String Method

Mark and Maggie O’Connor - American Classics features music from the more advanced selections of his violin training program. The O'Connor Method combines tunes that have made an impact on American music. "American Classics offers a broad and interconnecting compendium of American music through the violin solos and duos with my wife. Audiences as well as students of the violin will find themselves inspired by the songbook of America as they have never heard it before."

More about Maggie O'Connor: "I prove that good technical skills, American styles and fiddling can come together seamlessly.”

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Mark O'Connor Performances on NPR

Fresh Air Weekend highlights some of the best interviews and reviews from past weeks, and new program elements specially paced for weekends. Our weekend show emphasizes interviews with writers, filmmakers, actors and musicians, and often includes excerpts from live in-studio concerts. This week:

For The Handsome Family, Music Is A Safe Place To Express 'Terrifying Things': Married couple Rennie and Brett Sparks have been writing songs together for 21 years. Their latest album, Unseen, is based on their experiences living in the Southwest.

It may weaken somewhat as it spins in the Caribbean, — but forecasters still say that Hurricane Matthew will likely bring winds topping 100 mph when it makes landfall. Parts of Haiti, Cuba and Jamaica are on alert, as Matthew's maximum sustained winds were measured at 140 mph Saturday afternoon.

Hurricane conditions could hit Jamaica and Haiti by Monday, with tropical storm conditions possible by late Sunday, the National Hurricane Center says. It adds that hurricane conditions could also hit eastern Cuba by Monday night.