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Tibetan Monk Offers Buddhist Teaching in Spokane

’Tis the season and people celebrate it in different ways. Christmas is, of course, December 25, the day Christians celebrate Christ’s birth. Hanukkah is the Jewish holiday celebrating the Maccabees’ victory over the Greek army about 22-hundred years ago. This year, Hanukkah begins at sunset December 12 and runs for eight days.

On Friday, some Buddhists around the world celebrated Bodhi Day. It’s the day on which Buddhists celebrate the man now known as the Buddha as he gained enlightenment while sitting under a Bodhi tree, 2600 years ago. Some celebrate it in December. But because, historically, different cultures have lived by different calendars, others, such as Thupten Phelgye, celebrate it in on a day with a full moon in May.

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SPR and N3

Spokane Public Radio is part of the Northwest News Network (N3), a public radio collaboration in Washington, Oregon and Idaho working together to bring more news to our listeners.

Open House and Live Community Call-in - 12/6/17

Spokane Public Radio held an open house on Wednesday, December 6th from 4-6 pm. Visitors enjoyed snacks and beverages with staff and program producers, and toured the studios of KPBX, KSFC, and KPBZ in historic Fire Station No. 3. Following the open house from 6-7 pm, we conducted a live call-in about programming across all three of our stations. General Manager Dr. Cary Boyce, Board Chair Jeff Fountain, Program Director Doug Nadvornick, and Music Director Verne Windham addressed listener’s...

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Social media platforms can connect people across the globe — and terrorize people next door.

In a new novel, Ricky Graves is a young man coming to terms with his sexual orientation in a small New Hampshire town. He's tormented by a jerk named Wesley, until Ricky kills him — and then himself.

The news media descend. And after they've gone on to the next sad crime, Ricky's pregnant sister, Alyssa, returns to the town she fled so that she and her shattered mother can get a hold on the terrible event that has taken two lives, and understand the son and brother they loved.

One of the casualties of Hurricane Harvey has been parts of Houston's thriving arts and culture community. Four days of torrential rainfall nearly drowned the city's opera, ballet, and theater companies, along with a revered mural. But they're drying out and starting over.

On Aug. 28, as engorged Buffalo Bayou crept into Houston's Theater District, Perryn Leech and Dean Gladden pulled on slickers and rubber boots and headed downtown for a look.

During the holiday season, many of us feel pressure to find our loved ones the "perfect" gift. Why? Because gift-giving has long been considered a prime way to express love. However, recent research suggests that gestures don't need to be large or have a hefty price tag to feel meaningful.

The study, published this summer in The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, suggests that small acts of kindness, not grand overtures, make people feel most loved and supported.

Sen. Susan Collins, the Maine Republican whose vote was pivotal in pushing the GOP tax bill forward last week, thought she had a deal to bolster health care protections in exchange for her support.

But it's now unclear whether her strategy to shore up part of the Affordable Care Act will prevail or that it would produce the results she anticipates.

This week In the Russia investigations: Downshift from strategic war to knife fight, top G-Men on his back foot as lawmakers engage in oversight, Trump Jr. clammed up in Congress.

Now, a knife fight

Not long ago, this saga was about Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller's surveying the battlefield like a general and with one swift coup — getting Michael Flynn to turn state's evidence — changing the whole strategic picture.

Hello and welcome to another edition of our weekly education news roundup! These are a few of the big stories that got our attention this week.

U.S. readers slip a bit

Fourth-grade students in the Russian Federation and Singapore earned top scores on the PIRLS 2016, an international assessment of reading comprehension given every five years. Perhaps most impressive, more than a quarter of students in both countries are, according to the results, advanced readers.

The allegations of sexual misconduct made against Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, may have been surprising and even shocking to those who aren't familiar with politics in Alabama. But the state's political history is littered with episodes mixing sex and power in unseemly ways.

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An aviation visionary from the Seattle area with a famous last name has joined the crowded field of personal air taxi startups. His new company unveiled a design that competes with a similar Airbus prototype expected to begin flight testing in Oregon soon.