I get to pal around with a lot of librarians while producing Bookshelf programs, and as a result of this delightful association I have received the honor and great pleasure of being asked to fill several shelves at the Downtown Library with books I want to recommend. You can imagine how much fun it was to stroll down memory lane looking for books that I had enjoyed over my lifetime. I wasn’t given any restrictions, and I was asked to include children’s books, too. I decided to be as broad as possible in my selections, so it’s a very eclectic group. I’m avoiding books that are “good for you,” even though it’s tempting to try to impress people. Moby Dick is on the list because I was never forced to read it in school, so I actually like it.

I’ll be happy to email you my list if you’re interested. Many of the books on the list will already be checked out, and others unavailable (I’m leaning on the library to include more Linda Barry, who’s seen only as a cartoonist and therefore her work is not well represented. I’m mentioning her because I think so highly of her work. The same goes for S.J. Perelman, who fell out of fashion at some point.)

As people check out books from ”my” stash I can fill in with more, so I’ll be adding more to the shelves. As I pushed a cart around the stacks to pull out my selections I ran across many more books and authors that weren’t on my original list, and I’m adding those from time to time.

I don’t know when I’ve had more fun. This is the best present I could possibly get.

Nancy Roth 
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