About Spokane Public Radio

The Mission of Spokane Public Radio 
The mission of Spokane Public Radio stations KPBX 91.1, KSFC 91.9, and KPBZ 90.3 is to provide high-quality, artistic, educational, and informational programming, which enhances and enlivens the cultural life and civic discourse of its listening communities.

The following fundamental values guide our mission: 

  • We trust the ability of our listeners to discern between competing ideas 
  • We endeavor to promote and maintain the highest level of journalistic excellence
  • We actively participate in the cultural life of our listening communities

The mission of SPR remains rooted in the Report of the Carnegie Commission on Educational Television, which led Congress to pass the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, which sagely found that public TV and radio programming "can help us see America, whole, in all its diversity," serving as a "forum for controversy and debate," and "provide a voice for groups in the community that may otherwise be unheard." Spokane Public Radio remains guided by the spirit of the Carnegie Commission in fulfilling its mission. Read the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, as amended

SPR Senior Staff
Cary Boyce, President & General Manager
Jerry Olson, Chief Engineer
Verne Windham, Program Director
Brian Flick, Operations Manager
Kathy Sackett, Underwriting & Special Events Director
Linda Stowe, Chief Financial Officer

Annual Reports
Local Content and Services

Spokane Public Radio (SPR) goals in identifying community issues, needs, and interests are to address these issues primarily by bringing them into the light of awareness and public discourse. These efforts include identifying educational, political, economic, environmental, and cultural challenges and initiatives in our communities, addressing such items as the high school graduation rate, political campaigns and dialogues, area redevelopment efforts, environmental initiatives, and arts engagement with various arts and educational institutions. The approach is multi-pronged, including traditional broadcast, digital development (SPR is in the process of rolling over to NPR’s Core Publisher), and events. All of these include an eye toward increased news coverage in collaboration with other Northwest public radio stations, better tracking of results and strategic adjustments, and, most importantly, developing deeper collaborations and partnerships with area educational and business institutions as well as with more direct engagement with the communities we serve.

These activities include: 

  • A new “Profiles” feature with community leaders that will begin airing this year (2014)
  • Increased collaborations with other stations to expand the news (especially through the Northwest News Network (of which the SPR GM is a board member and board secretary), looking at ways to share news and information across our state and region, and increasing “beat” reporting dealing specifically with education.
  • Increasing coverage of the “arts” beat with better presence at music and arts festivals throughout the region. (This year included a presence and in some cases personnel’s participation in the Northwest Bach Festival, the Methow Valley Music Festival, the presentation of seven “Kids’ Concerts” (now celebrating its 20th year), the broadcast of the MusicFest Northwest young performers, and more than 100 interviews with visiting or resident artists that have been broadcast, podcast, and archived online.
  • 2013 events included bringing Don Gonyea, Paula Poundstone, and Renee Montagne to Spokane. Gonyea and Montagne offered insights into NPR news and production, as well as personal views of the news they covered in long and illustrious careers. Free tickets were provided to journalism students at area colleges and universities. Paula Poundstone offered her own special commentary on the issues that face us all.

Equal Opportunity Employer Public Report
Each year, in compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity standards, Spokane Public Radio files a report with regards to our annual employment, internship, and volunteer practices. If you have questions about SPR's reports or EEO reporting practices, please call 328-5729.

To obtain copies of annual financial reports, please make inquiries at Spokane Public Radio during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9a-5p). Copies can be made for $.10 per page.

990 - Fiscal Year 2014
2014-2015 EEO Report
2013-2014 Financial Statement
Diversity Statement