Janean Jorgensen

Marketing Coordinator

Janean holds that most versatile yet useless of degrees, a BA in English from Gonzaga University. Fortunately, she also majored in journalism. She chose to take some broadcasting classes since she had already written for a professional newspaper before and during college, and thus began her journey into the radio world. Strangely, her main tasks for SPR are creating graphic images for the website, eblasts and various print materials. Janean created KPBX's first official websites, and worked for NPR's New Media division in 2000. She created the Broadway Matinee radio show which put her in both Judges' Choice and Voters' Choice lists for the PRX "Hostiness" Contest. She is on hiatus from the show, at least until her pre-teen kid doesn't need a chauffeur anymore. She would like to sing more often.

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Behind The Scenes Of The Spring 2017 Pledge Drive

Apr 26, 2017

SPR thrives thanks to the generous support of volunteers and donors like you. After you've taken a couple of minutes to make your pledge, stop by to check out some pictures from the first couple days of our drive.

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Washington Governor Jay Inslee was cruising to re-election Tuesday night with 56 percent of the vote over Republican challenger Bill Bryant. But several other statewide races were still too close to call, including State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Additional ballot counts will be released on Wednesday at 6 p.m.


The Fall 2016 pledge drive is off to a great start thanks to you the listener. Check out these photos behind the scenes.

Newsletter for July-September 2016:

  • Mark & Maggie O'Connor coming to Spokane
  • Korva Coleman hosts news from the political conventions
  • Summer Kids' Concerts
  • Invisibilia returns to KSFC for the summer
  • SPR holds Monthly Membership Drawings

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