Healing Begins for Freeman Community

Sep 13, 2017

The healing is starting for the families of students in the Freeman School District, south of Spokane, where a student this morning shot four fellow students, killing one.

At least two vigils are scheduled this evening, one at St. John’s Cathedral and another at Riverpark Square in downtown Spokane.

After the shooting, the three students were taken by ambulance to Sacred Heart Medical Center, Providence Chief Operating Officer Peg Currie said parents came to be with their kids and fellow students made the drive in from the suburban school district as well.

“When I was walking over here I saw many young high school kids coming into our emergency department and I know they want to show support for their friends. That will be availed to them at the right time,” Currie said.

The students are reported in to be stable condition and recovering. Many of the scars from this shooting are of the emotional variety.

“We will be having additional mental health providers available over the weekend because situations like this create a lot of stress on a community, on families, on children and we want to be prepared for that as well,” Currie said.

Sacred Heart trauma surgeon Dr. Mike Moore expressed hopes that parents will take advantage of this situation when talking with their children.

“I think it’s important also for every family, really across the country at this point when you look at a school shooting, it is time to spend time with your children, to extend that love and care and support and say that, if this happens close to home, we’re there,” Moore said.