New Location for KPBX Recordings & Videos Sale 2017

The new location for our Record Sale is the Spokane Valley Event Center. The sign and entrance are closer to Appleway, but the address is 10514 E Sprague Ave. near University. (Long-time Spokane residents remember the complex as U-City Mall.)

Prepare to search for treasure of the music and film type at the KPBX Recordings & Videos Sale, set for Feb. 25 and 26. The location is changing to the Spokane Valley Event Center between Appleway and Sprague near University Rd. (10514 E Sprague Ave.)

The annual fundraiser for SPR features other music and film formats too, including CDs, DVDs, tapes, and the equipment to play them all on. But the big attraction has always been vinyl records and 45s.

Hundreds of music lovers traditionally line up before 9 a.m. on Saturday and scan the floor map to determine which genre to search first. Volunteers sort items loosely into categories such as pop, rock, classical and jazz, and there are unique treasures in each box.

Those items all come from donors who were ready to let their past treasures go. Donations are closed for this year's sale, and we're grateful to those who brought in music, movies, and gear. 

Click here to print out the revised location flier to tell your friends!

Saturday hours are 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sunday hours are 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.  The sale closes promptly both days, and shoppers are asked to move to the cashiers around 4:45 p.m.

The event has been held in one of the Lincoln Center’s ballrooms in recent years, but owner Bob Adolfson discovered roof damage last week.

“The Lincoln Ballroom’s roof has an unsafe situation that we will have fixed over the next few weeks. The room will be good as new after that, and will be reopened at that time,” Adolfson said. He added that the second, smaller Monroe ballroom is unaffected.

KPBX first held the sale in 1990 with a few boxes of donated items displayed at REI. Back then, the music and news station was only 10 years old and CDs had just started outselling vinyl.  

The sale has grown to hundreds of boxes, moved with help of Spokane Movers.

“Every year, we’re amazed and humbled by our listeners’ generosity, and grateful for the businesses and institutional community that provide donations,” says Kathy Sacket, SPR Events Director.

The Recording & Video Sale is a unique fundraiser for SPR, which fits perfectly with our mission statement. “It brings together music lovers from all over our service area,” Sackett says. “It’s the epitome of recycling and it helps to preserve our musical cultural heritage for the next generation.”