Okanogan Officials Try to Ease Evacuees Concerns

Aug 20, 2015

For many fire evacuees, getting family and important belongings out isn’t enough peace of mind. Residents are also worried about their animals, and in some places, looters.

A rumor has appeared online that looters have showed up to evacuated towns in Okanogan County. The county’s emergency management spokesperson, Angela Seydel, says they have found no signs of looting.

Seydel: “We have heard people spreading rumors about looters. We would really appreciate it if they would not. We’ve checked into it and to the best of our knowledge nothing like that is occurring.”

Another concern for evacuees is their animals and livestock. Shelter for animals is available at Tonasket Rodeo, the county fairgrounds, and there is limited space left at the Omak Stampede.

Nine Red Cross shelters are open in Washington. The Red Cross says for people looking to help, monetary donations are the best way.

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