Raw Bytes

KPBX: Wednesday 7:35am-7:40am

Frank Delaney stopped producing Raw Bytes last November as he fought heart issues. His weekly feature on computer technology and news is archived on the SPR website.

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  Longtime program producer, volunteer and past staff member Frank Delaney passed away on Feb. 7, 2016.

When Frank Delaney was in the Navy, he was stationed in the Deep South in the early 1960’s -- the era when many of the great musicians who had recorded in the 1920s were being rediscovered.  This was his first introduction to traditional American folk and blues music. He spent more than half a century loving, researching, and playing this music.  

Frank joined Spokane Public Radio in 1982 and produced The Backwater Blues Show. He put his professional training as a computer support specialist and programmer to work for SPR first with the station’s bookkeeping, then as a commentator. His weekly Raw Bytes was a regular feature of Wednesday mornings until he took a medical hiatus last November.