Eckart Preu

Conductor, Eckart Preu, and Chorale Director Kristina Ploeger spoke with Verne this morning about the upcoming Spokane Symphony Orchestra Baroque Series, to be performed on March 17 at Westminster Congregational Church, and March 18, at the Spokane Valley Church of the Nazarene.

For more information, please visit the Spokane Symphany Baroque Series page.

Spokane Public Radio

Verne interviews Eckart Preu, Director of Spokane Symphony Orchestra about the upcoming performance, A Festive Baroque Christmas. 

Find more information at Spokane Symphony Website

The final day of Symphony Week at Spokane Public Radio includes conversations with Symphony Conductor Eckart Preu, Mateusz Wolski and guests Jessica Lee and Peter Stumpf. 

On Friday, November 4 the Spokane Symphony will present the first concert of its new INTERSECT series, "From China to America - Merging Cultures". Conductor Eckart Preu stopped by our studio this morning to talk with Verne about tonight's concert and the INTERSECT series which brings together music, art and culture to create a unique concert experience. "From China to America - Merging Cultures" will feature works by Mozart, Chou Wen-chung, Chen Yi and Zhou Tian.

  Eckart Preu stopped by the studio this morning to introduce the Spokane Symphony's 9th Classical concert of the season: Musical Sorcery. He also remembered Donald Thulean, conductor of the Spokane Symphony from 1962-1984, who passed away earlier this week.