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Photo courtesy of EcologyWA via Flickr

A local watchdog environmental group has given Hangman Creek a failing grade when it comes to health of the waterway.

The Spokane Riverkeeper says Hangman Creek deserves an F grade , because of what it called “thermal” pollution, and also presence of too much nitrogen and phosphorus.

Riverkeeper Jerry White says once robust fish populations are in decline, and much of it has to do with the removal of trees and vegetation along the creeks bank.

One local airport official is not happy with a call by President Trump to privatize the nation’s air traffic controllers.

On Monday, President Trump called for removing air traffic controllers from the purview of the Federal Aviation Administration. While some airline officials joined the president and supported his announcement, the proposal is not finding favor with the CEO of Spokane Airports, which includes Spokane International and Felts Field.

Photo courtesy of Steve Jackson

Spokane residents will be in for a treat in the form of some historic aircraft at Felts Field this weekend.

The Historic Flight Foundation based at Paine Field in Everett is bringing more than five airplanes to the show. They include a P-51 Mustang, T-6A, F-8F Bearcat, TBM Avenger, DC-3 and DHC-2 Beaver.

John Sessions,  CEO of the Foundation says, “It’s a living history experience, if you take a ride on one of our airplanes, you get to appreciate where aviation has been. It was n0t a hardship it was just a little slower.”

President Trump’s budget proposal cuts money to agricultural programs that northwest wheat growers say are essential to overseas sales.

As much as 90 percent of Washington states wheat crop is exported to other nations. While the sale price was enough to make a good profit just a couple years ago, growers this year are seeing prices about a dollar below the break-even point for them, about 5 dollars a bushel.

The Trump administration federal budget proposal includes a plan to sell off the assets of the Bonneville Power Administration.

BPA is operated by the US Department of Energy, and markets wholesale electricity from federal dams to many utilities in the northwest.

The Trump administration budget proposal calls for the transmission system to be sold off to private entities.

Sean O’Leary is with the Northwest Energy Coalition, a group made up of a number of organizations, including utilities, advocacy organizations, and businesses.