Plan Well Age Well

Doug Nadvornick/SPR

This week, KSFC will air a four-part series that focuses on preparing for getting older. We’re calling it "Plan Well, Age Well." The programs will air from 10-to-11 am Tuesday through Friday (April 10-13) on KSFC. That’s 91.9 FM in Spokane, 100.3 FM in Coeur d’Alene.

Our partners in this project are members of the Spokane Elder Resource Team. Their professionals will be in our studios each day, answering my questions and yours.

Listen to Plan Well, Age Well this week at 10 am on KSFC FM 91.9 in Spokane, 100.3 in Coeur d'Alene. 

Gail Goeller & Becky Tiller will provide an overview of what is involved in proper care planning in order to age well. Special emphasis will be given to the issues of maintaining healthy family dynamics in the midst of change.

Realtor Kathy Bryant will discuss the need to plan for senior living. Whether “aging in place in one’s home or at a facility.” Attorney Lynn St. Louis will review elder law planning essentials and the importance of understanding proper Medicaid strategies relating to estate planning.

Daria Brown from Fruci and Associates discussed the new tax law changes as a point to emphasis as well as Social Security planning and Dustin Allbery from Northwest Planning and American Reliance Group talked about how to have a well-balanced financial plan that features both asset accumulation and protection strategies.

Joel Ferris will discuss the need for creating a long-term care insurance plan and Dennis Fletcher will give an overview of Medicare planning options.