Season 6, Episode 16: We’re Sorry About Your Childhood!

Jan 14, 2018

For the first time in recorded prehistory, Kevin and Tony lug the Men in Charge Portable Recording Unit, contained in three Mitsubishi Minivans, to record out of the studio. They set up shop at the Unhappy Childhood Festival at the Lower Heights Convention Center, where they are promptly ignored by everyone who attends, probably because of their “Deep State”-required nametags.

January Programs

Jan 11, 2018

January 13, 2017

America Abroad
Made in America: Trade Policy in the Trump Era

This hour, we'll talk about why trade was one of the biggest issues that got Donald Trump elected. What Americans stand to gain - and lose - by pulling out of trade deals. And what really happened to American manufacturing jobs. We’ll also see how the rest of the world is preparing for a massive shift in US policy, from a microbrewery in Tijuana to a medical manufacturer in Berlin.

Season 6, Episode 15: Raised by Hamsters!

Jan 7, 2018

Kevin begins this episode by describing what it was like living next door to kids who were raised by hamsters, and the dangers these kids posed while “foraging” on the bus. Then, to unclump our mental sawdust, we move on to another chapter of “Johnny Hambone, Library Bouncer,” in which Johnny attends an academic conference on Library Bouncerdom. He scowls, drinks with a sputtering old flame from graduate school, and finally has a bit of a fracas over his name tag. And yes, we use the breaking-glass sound effect, so it’s maybe another Bad Day in the Life, etc.

Season 6, Episode 14: City of Steves

Dec 17, 2017

This episode, the typical jocular beginning of the episode, banter, is replaced by a revolutionary new idea…oh, wait, it’s just banter. But scintillating and—dare we say—titillating banter? After all, this is “City of Steves”! Our first sketch is “Tales from the Profane Calliope,” hosted by Bay Radbury, and it’s our first Men in Charge radio sketch in black and white!

Season 6, Episode 13: Cavalcade of Lipids!

Dec 10, 2017

Tony and Kevin remonstrate with the audience for their lack of research ahead of each episode. Notably, the Listener probably is unable to insert either “cavalcade” or “lipids” into their cocktail party badinage, or even “badinage,” for that matter. First up is Jimmy Stewart, Presidential Press Secretary. Mr. Stewart comes out of retirement, and the grave, to tell the public what it’s like to work for the President in the New America. And he does. He certainly does. Next is a word from our sponsor, New America Wet Nurse and Nanny Services.