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Geologists for the state of Oregon are warning of the risk of major landslides in parts of the Columbia River Gorge that were hit by wildfires this year.

A new report released Thursday focuses on areas of the Gorge that are highly susceptible to landslides—which also happen to overlap with some of the areas hit by this year’s wildfires.

Oregon Supreme Court Justice Jack Landau will step down at the end of this year. He announced his retirement in a letter to Oregon Gov. Kate Brown.

Democratic congressional candidate Lisa Brown is hopeful that Congress can come up with some sort of plan to assist the children of illegal immigrants. Many of these children are in a state of limbo now that President Trump has overturned the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA.

Brown says the latest version of the ‘Dream Act” that would grant a conditional green card to current DACA recipients sounds promising, but she worries what it might take for it to actually pass both houses of Congress:

Sheriff Advocates Press Commissioners Not to Cut Budget

9 hours ago

The Spokane County commissioners have warned that next year’s budget will be a lean one. State law allows them to go to the voters if they want to raise county property taxes by more than one percent. But they say they won’t do that because the state is going to impose its own property tax increase.

Commissioner Al French says the county will have to cut spending or find new sources of revenue to fill an estimated $9.5 million shortfall. The sheriff has been asked to trim his budget. But at a budget hearing last night (Tuesday), advocates said the commissioners have cut law enforcement enough.

The credit reporting agency Equifax doesn’t have to notify the estimated 1.7 million Oregonians who may have been impacted by the company’s massive data breach.