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A woman was killed in a climbing accident in Washington’s North Cascades National Park over the weekend.

Washington state lawmakers have adjourned and gone home without passing a $4.1 billion capital construction budget. For a community in southwest Washington, that means an elementary school may not get built on time and on budget.

If you liked the warm, dry start to our Northwest summer, you'll probably like the rest of it. There's no change to the dominant weather pattern in sight.

The U.S. Department of Energy rolled out several options at a public meeting Thursday night to stabilize what’s known as Tunnel 2 at the Hanford nuclear reservation in southeast Washington. Stabilizing the tunnel became a priority after nearby Tunnel 1 was found partially collapsed this spring.

Tunnel 2 is filled with highly-radioactive equipment leftover from a plutonium plant, and the feds say it's also in danger of collapse.

At the meeting, they presented a raft of ideas to stabilize it:

Meet Spokane City Council candidate Candace Mumm

Jul 20, 2017
Candace Mumm

Candace Mumm is the incumbent seeking a second term for the Northwest Spokane city council seat that is up for election this year. Her opponents are Brian Burrow and Matthew Howes. Howes initially agreed to an interview but didn’t respond to followup emails to schedule it. Burrow didn’t respond to our request.