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Ways to Connect

A wide range of business groups and universities from Oregon, Washington and British Columbia are teaming up to nurture science and tech startups. Nearly 50 organizations involved in business development signed on to the new Cascadia Venture Acceleration Network.

Idaho officials want to hear public input on a proposal that could help bring health coverage to many state residents that are currently in the so called “coverage gap.”

The coverage gap refers to some 78 thousand state residents who make too much to qualify for Medicaid coverage, but too little to qualify for subsidized care under the state’s insurance exchange.

Spokane County

This year the Washington legislature approved a bill that requires counties to place more ballot drop boxes in rural areas, but it didn’t allocate money to cover their costs.

Now a western Washington county is getting ready to take the state to court to require it to pay the expenses of complying with the new state mandate.

The Everett Herald reports Snohomish County expects to spend $250,000 next year to install and operate 19 new ballot boxes. The new state law requires at least one drop box for every 15,000 registered voters and at least one box in each city, town, and census-designated area with a post office.

The irony is the bill was sponsored by Snohomish County Sen. Kirk Pearson, who has since left the legislature to take a job with the Trump administration.

Council Approves New Spokane City Budget

Dec 11, 2017
City of Spokane

The Spokane City Council approved a $940 million budget for 2018 on Monday night. Among the highlights, the spending plan includes money for 10 new police officers.

The budget reflected a continued strong showing in sales tax revenues.

Conservation groups are offering a hefty reward for information leading to the poachers who killed two protected wolves in northeastern Washington state.