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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee will spend the next few days focused on trade with Canada and Mexico. Thursday he will meet in Seattle with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. After that Inslee leaves on a trade mission to Mexico.

Residents of Airway Heights, Washington, have been advised not to drink water from the tap. The advisory came Tuesday from nearby Fairchild Air Force Base, as part of the Pentagon’s program to test and clean water sources near military bases around the country.

Airway Heights residents are being cautioned not to drink from the city’s water supply, due to chemical contamination.

City residents who live west of Hayford Road are being asked to refrain from consuming any city water, after two chemicals that may have originated at Fairchild Air Force Base were found in four city wells at a level above 70 parts per trillion.

A call by US attorney General Jeff Sessions to impose the harshest penalties on criminal defendants is not finding much support from the General Counsel for Washington State’s governor.

On Friday US Attorney General Jeff Sessions told federal prosecutors to seek the toughest penalties in criminal cases, and overrode  a 2013 directive from Attorney General Eric Holder that instructed federal prosecutors not to specify the amount of drugs involved when charging low-level and nonviolent drug offenders. That policy effectively gave judges discretion to set sentences lower than the mandatory punishments ranging from five years to life in prison.

The legal counsel for Governor Jay Inslee, Nick Brown, feels that is a bad move.

Cleanup Work Resumes in Idaho's Silver Valley

May 17, 2017
Idaho Public TV

Cleanup work is getting underway again in the areas contaminated by mining waste in north Idaho’s Silver Valley. Bad weather forced a delay in some of those projects this spring. The people leading the cleanup work held a briefing for reporters Tuesday in Coeur d’Alene.