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Since Cold War days, U.S. airmen have hunched over radar screens and computer terminals at McChord Field outside Tacoma. They monitor for intruders and anything else amiss in the Western skies.

Some of those airmen pivoted to a very different mission early last week, remotely coordinating aerial rescues in Texas.

Vigil Held for Freeman Community

Sep 14, 2017
Doug Nadvornick/SPR

People from the Spokane area gathered in several places last night (Wed) to remember the school shooting in Freeman.

At the end of a long day, about two dozen people, many of them young people, sat together in the quiet of the huge St. John's Cathedral on Spokane's South Hill. Several leaned forward or knelt in prayer.

Three priests led a short ceremony. After a few scripture readings, Father Nic Mather gave a homily in which he tried to make some sense of the day.

After she set her books down in a biology classroom Wednesday morning Kelby Cochrane got hungry. So she asked a friend to go with her to her locker at Freeman High School in Freeman, Washington to grab a snack. On her way back she heard what she later learned were gunshots allegedly fired by schoolmate Caleb Sharpe.

“It sounded like a paper bag popping or a balloon like when they screw off in lunch or something," Cochrane said. "Then I heard two more and I pulled her into the classroom.”

Photo courtesy WildEarth Guardians via Flickr

A forest ecologist says that requests for more forest thinning to reduce the threat of fire danger are misguided.

The number of wildfires burning across the west has prompted some lawmakers to call for more timber harvest to reduce the threat of wildlife by reducing the number of dead and dying trees, many of them suffering the effects of bark beetles.

One ecologist says that the real issue is a warmer climate, and calls for more thinning are just a way to please the timber industry.

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson wants to move the state’s next presidential primary to an earlier date. Oregon currently holds its presidential primary in mid-May.