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Spokane City Voters to Decide Library Funding Measure

Apr 14, 2017
Spokane Public Library

For years, the Spokane Public Library’s entire budget came from the city’s general fund. But in 2013, library officials convinced city leaders to let them ask for extra money for what they say was a chronically-underfunded system.

“We were at the verge of having to close down some branches and drastically reduce hours to the public. And the board, as well as city council, came together with a different funding mechanism for libraries. And the levy lid lift was the solution," said library director Andrew Chanse.

Inland Journal, April 13, 2017

Apr 14, 2017

Inland Journal for April 13, 2017

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  • Spokane city library ballot measure
  • Interview with Idaho Sen. Shawn Keough (R-Sandpoint) about Governor Butch Otter's veto of the repeal of the state grocery sales tax
  • A new public campaign to promote smoking cessation, featuring interviews with two former smokers
  • Heart attacks; an interview with Spokane cardiologist Dr. Brad Batkoff

Oregon lawmakers briefly considered a measure Thursday that would have hiked the income tax on wealthy Oregonians. But the bill may live to see another day.

A measure to crack down on prohibited gun buyers in Washington has unexpectedly died in the Republican-led state Senate. The bipartisan proposal failed to get a vote before a key deadline this week.

One casualty of the looming end of Washington state’s legislative session is a bill on police use of deadly force.

Washington has one of the highest bars in the nation for charging police officers who use deadly force. They are protected as long as they act in good faith and without malice.