Salmon runs

Biologists Say Sea Lions are Eating Too Many Salmon

Sep 12, 2017
L.A. Times

Biologists from Washington and Oregon today (Tuesday) gave a sobering assessment of the fate of salmon species that are being devoured in large numbers by California sea lions. The report came Tuesday at a meeting of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council in Spokane.

Several northwest congressional members have proposed legislation that would override a federal judge’s ruling that called a plan to restore endangered salmon inadequate.

Last year, a federal judge ruled that a plan to restore salmon runs called the “biological opinion” did not do enough to protect the fish. It was the 4th time a federal judge had ruled against various federal plans to save endangered salmon on the Columbia and Snake River systems.

cattleclasstraveler via flickr

Washington lawmakers held a committee meeting yesterday to hear testimony for a proposal that asks the federal government to support restoring salmon runs above Grand Coulee Dam.