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Stephen Voss / NPR

Former NPR foreign correspondent Anne Garrels visits Spokane on Nov. 15 to give some fundraiser for SPR, 7:30 p.m. at the Bing. She plans to share some of the experiences from her most recent book, Putin Country: A Journey into the Real Russia and share her unique perspective on reporting and international conflicts.

Tickets for the event are now on sale at TicketsWest.com, TicketsWest outlets, and 1-800-325-SEAT. Student tickets are available. Proceeds benefit Spokane Public Radio.

NPR Reports by Anne Garrels

Garrels began her journalism career because of an interest in Russia. Before joining NPR in 1986 she was ABC’s chief correspondent in Moscow and Central America. She went on to set up NPR’s bureau in Moscow – the first fully-functioning overseas bureau for the young radio network. She arrived in Baghdad six months before the 2003 U.S. invasion, stayed during the U.S. bombing campaign and continued to cover Iraq for the next six years. 

Over a span of 20 years, Garrels followed residents of Chelyabinsk, a military-industrial center in Russia’s eastern half. She compares the industrial parts to Detroit and the nuclear military zones as Hanford. 

As Garrels told Fresh Air’s Dave Davies, the areas outside of Moscow suffered near-economic collapse in the 1990s, but Putin represented prosperity and stability.

“Americans who feel they don't know where their country is going or that the country is … no longer ‘great’ – well, it was sort of the same syndrome in Russia. And most importantly, for a good 10 years, Russians lived with each passing year dramatically better than they had before,” she said in an interview when the book first came out.

Read or listen to Fresh Air interview with Anne Garrels

Her first book, Naked in Baghdad, was a much more personal telling of her experience as one of the last Western journalists in that city during the Iraq War. For NPR, she covered conflicts and wars throughout the Middle East and Eastern Europe, including Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Both books will be available in the lobby during the event, courtesy of Auntie's Bookstore. Garrels will autograph books after her talk and Q&A session with SPR Program Director Doug Nadvornick.

Thanks to Event Donors: Dodson's Jewelers, The Journal of Business, WSU Foley Institute, and Sam Rodell, Architects.

The annual Fall Folk Festival kicks off Saturday, November 11 with a free concert broadcast live on KPBX.

SPR Music Director Verne Windham and former Nacho Celtic Hour host Carlos Alden will host a diverse group of folk performers at Spokane Community College.

Audience members are welcome to watch and listen anytime between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. in the Lair Auditorium at the college on Mission and Greene.

SPR explores the roots of the Jazz Age at the November 18 KPBX Kids' Concert, to be held at the SFCC Music Auditorium on Saturday, November 18 at 1 p.m.  The hour-long concert presents Hot Club of Spokane reminiscing about the history of the Jazz Age.

Hot Club of Spokane consists of Inland Northwest musicians committed to the preservation of jazz, swing, and blues. There is no single "band;" leader Garrin Hertel has some 20 musicians play at various times in ensembles ranging from five to eight players and vocalists.

On Saturday, September 23, SPR staff and volunteers will host a record drop-off day from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Bring your gently used items down to 1229 N Monroe where staff and volunteers will be standing by to help.  Please park along the Fire Station on Sharp, or in the parking cutout on Monroe in front of the Kirby Vacuum shop.

The next SPR Record Sale is still several months away, but we know that summer is a great time to sort through boxes in the garage and do some downsizing. We appreciate you thinking of us with your gently used recording and video items! We will still have our big donation day in February as well.

How & What to Give to the KPBX Recordings & Videos Sale:

We accept equipment, vinyl records, 78 RPM records, 45 RPM singles, compact discs, DVD and Blu-ray discs, cassette tape, eight-track cartridges, reel-to-reel tapes, commercial VHS and Beta tapes, and sealed blank tapes. See details below.

We CANNOT accept home-recorded cassette tapes or CD-R recordings due to copyright issues.

Spokane Public Radio does things a little differently than other public radio stations. We were founded on the mission of incorporating the local arts and arts organizations into what we do every day.

Flagship station KPBX holds eight free family concerts a year to introduce kids to a wide variety of music. Each February, we host the biggest sale of vintage vinyl and other music items at the Recordings & Videos Sale. Each fall, in partnership with the Spokane Folklore Society's Fall Folk Fest, we organize and broadcast live performances in a two-hour concert from the campus of Spokane Community College.

In addition to these annual treats, we thank our volunteers and underwriters each year with an event at a community venue, and produce many special events. We've had evenings with public radio reporters and hosts such as Cokie Roberts, Paula Poundstone and Zorba Paster.

Our mission wouldn't be complete without regular live performances from our own broadcast studios, along with our annual forums held at City Hall.

With the help of more than 300 volunteers, 30 staff and community producers, and you, our listeners, Spokane Public Radio has become a place where the community turns for live and on-air arts and cultural experiences.