Stage Left Theater

Stage Left Theater Presents "At the Sweet Gum Bridge"

Jan 10, 2018
Spokane Public Radio

Cast members of Stage Left Theater's production of "At the Sweet Gum Bridge" visit the studio today to perform with Verne and promote the upcoming show. Studio guests include Tia Wooley, Managing Director, Eric Anderson as "Pushamataha", Steven Schneidmiller as "John Mac". 

At the Sweet Gum Bridge performance dates are January 12 -28th, 2018. More information at Stage Left Theater's website

FREUD’S LAST SESSION, by Mark St. Germain, opens December 1, at Stage Left Theater, and runs through December 17. Director, Pamela Kingsley and JP Shaughnessy, (Freud) and Dalin Tipton (C.S.Lewis) spoke with Verne this morning to introduce the show.

This recording features an  interview and clip from a staged reading featured in the Playwright Festival. Rebecca Cook, producer introduces actors Robyn Urhausen and Steven Schneidmiller. The clip is from the short piece, "Location , Location, Location (or The Immeasurable Distance Between Here and There)" by Rich Orloff. This clip is set in a hotel room with two people who've been working for the same company but at a distance for many years. They've known each other but only see each other at conventions.

From the Studio: Molly Allen

Oct 4, 2017
Spokane Public Radio

Stage Left Theater will be presenting Cyrano, beginning September 8 through the 24th. This morning, Verne spoke with Managing Director, Tia Wooley, and Play Director, Chris Wooley, about the production. For ticket information, please visit the Stage Left Theater.