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Spokane County has one of Washington’s most well-established conservation futures programs. It’s a taxpayer-approved and funded program that allows the county to buy environmentally-sensitive lands to preserve them and allow the public to enjoy them.

There are about 7,800 acres set aside all over the county, including the recently-purchased Holy Names parcel along the Spokane River, just to the north of Spokane Falls Community College.


A pile of bills still remains on Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s desk for his consideration.

Among the list that Inslee signed into law last week is one that will allow counties to spend more of their conservation futures tax money on maintenance and operations. That tax is authorized by taxpayers to allow counties to buy environmentally-sensitive parcels from private landowners.

Inland Journal, April 27, 2017

Apr 27, 2017

This week on the Inland Journal, thousands of boat owners in Washington and Idaho will have to take an extra step this year as they relicense their watercraft. For some it won’t be easy. Washington’s governor is in bill signing mode. We’ll tell you about a few of the state’s new laws. The head of the Public Broadcasting System stops in Spokane to talk about preserving federal funding for public broadcasting. And we’ll learn more about how so-called ‘adventure travel’ is changing to become more accessible to older travelers.

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Every piece of legislation considered by a body of elected officials has some kind of back story. Sometimes a bill is sparked by an idea from a constituent. That was the case with one bill (Senate Bill 5472) now waiting for Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s signature. It started with an innocuous question about election drop boxes.


A Washington House committee has approved — barely — a bill that would allow local governments to increase property taxes each year by more than the currently-allowed one percent.