This special three part Bookshelf was recorded on November 2, 2017 at the Washington Cracker building, which featured eight personal stories. This episode's three storytellers are Annika Eagle with her childhood list, Leonard Oakland's promise to Vietnam War resisters, and Megan Ferney on dating and climbing. The program was hosted by Eric Woodard.

In Case You Missed It: Anne Garrels in Spokane

Nov 17, 2017
Kathy Sackett/SPR

Phyllis Silver continues with Episode 8 of a selection from a land more kind than home by Wiley Cash, the Spokane Is Reading selection for 2017.

This is the final episode of this reading.


Members of a national group devoted to creating bipartisan solutions to climate change are promoting a revenue-neutral proposal they believe will reduce demand for fossil fuels. Their measure would increase the price of carbon-emitting fuels, but seek to minimize the burden on consumers.

The group Citizens’ Climate Lobby is promoting what it calls a free-market solution to climate change. It’s called ’carbon fee and dividend.’