Rocket to the Future! Part 1, Chapter 3

Jul 24, 2016

  The Earth Space Rocket Vanguard's crucial mission to Mars to put down the insurrection of the Martian natives is derailed by the Rocketmen from Planet B, who zap the rocket to Mercury. Alliances will be ended and broken homes mended by Captain Major and his crew on the temperate rim of the closest planet to the Sun, which is also the home to the largest vats of space gin in the inner solar system. While Lieutenant Schickelgruber takes space morphine to get over his latest set of burns, Cadet Billy morphs into a name tag-wearing Warlord of Mars, taking Farley Stubbs and Lt.

This week at the Republican National Convention, there was talk of turning over some Federal lands to state control. One bill pending in Congress is proposing to let local law enforcement replace federal law enforcement agencies. 

This spring in the US House, HR 4751 was introduced, which would terminate the law enforcement functions of the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management. 

Public health workers, elected officials and other government employees gathered at Gonzaga University Monday to share regional successes on holistic health care.

KPBX Independence Day 2016 Specials

Jun 28, 2016

Celebrate Independence Day with a collection of specials honoring our country and American culture. All air on KPBX 91.1, or live online at our Listen Live link.

Reading of the Declaration of Independence during Morning Edition Segment (program airs twice between 5-9a 
On this date in 1776, church bells rang out over Philadelphia as the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. NPR continues a tradition of reading that revolutionary document, articulating the ideals of human equality and self-determination that still serve as the guiding principles of American government.

KPBX's John Johnson will rebroadcast a 1996 interview with Jim Boyd as a tribute to the award-winning musician. The Native community and music fans alike have been mourning the death of Boyd since the Colville Tribes announced his death on Tuesday.