Steve Jackson

News Assignment Editor; Morning Edition Host

Steve was part of the Spokane Public Radio family for many years before he came on air in 1999.  His wife, Laurie, produced Radio Ethiopia in the late 1980s through the '90s, and Steve used to “lurk in the shadowy world” of Weekend SPR.  “It was a different world on the weekends at night here.  There was a lot of interplay between shows and producers, and live jam sessions on the air.”  Now, Steve is the voice of local weather and news during Morning Edition, writing, editing, producing and/or delivering newscasts and features for both KPBX and KSFC.  He also makes the morning coffee.  Aside from SPR, Steve is a simple, dirt farmer who enjoys gardening, chickens, music, astronomy, photography, sports cars and camping.  He plays acoustic and electric guitar and is proud to say that his mom listens to him every day.

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Official US House portrait /

Eastern Washington congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers is reacting to a proposal by President Trump to hold back on giving insurance companies subsidies for those enrolled in the Affordable Care Act.


The Kalispel tribe has filed a legal complaint in Federal Court challenging the Bureau of Indian Affairs approval of the Spokane Tribe’s casino project in Airway Heights.

Under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, the Spokane Tribe’s off-reservation casino requires a positive determination that demonstrates the proposed casino would not be detrimental to the surrounding community.

But the Kalispels contend their own casino operation in Airway Heights would be affected by a new casino in the community.

The Coeur d’Alene tribe is hoping to revive the number of cutthroat trout in Lake Coeur d’Alene, by moving a predator fish to another part of the lake.

So far, the numbers seem to indicate the process is working.

The Coeur d’Alene tribe is in the 3rd year of a program of moving Northern Pike from one section of the lake to another.

Spokane County Proposition One is asking voters for a Renewal Sales and Use Tax for Emergency Communications Systems and Facilities.

The Spokane County Communications Center is a busy place with emergency operators taking both 911 calls, as well as Crime Check calls for less threatening emergencies. This call center has been in place since 2008, and was funded by one tenth of one percent added to sales tax in the county. The center collects information from callers, and then coordinates response by police, sheriffs, and fire personnel.

Opinions are mixed on a federal judge’s ruling concerning water spilled over Columbia and Snake River dams to help fish migration.

This week, U.S. district Judge Michael Simon ruled the Army Corps of Engineers must spill more water next year at 8 dams to help juvenile fish migrate downstream.