Students Shot at Freeman High School

Sep 13, 2017

One student from Freeman High School was killed this morning in a shooting at the school. Spokane County authorities have arrested one person in connection with that.

Three other students were also hit by gunfire and taken to Sacred Heart Medical Center.

"We have three teenagers with us and they’re all doing well. They’re stable at this point. One will be requiring some surgery later this afternoon,” said trauma surgeon Dr. Mike Moore.

He wouldn’t elaborate on the students’ injuries. Their parents have joined them at the hospital.

Eyewitness reports claim a male student opened fire in a hallway shortly before classes were to start at 10:15 a.m. This was a "late start" day for the Freeman School District, located south of the Spokane Valley off of Highway 27. The Associated Press reports the student who was killed tried to stop the shooter as he walked in the school carrying at least two guns. The shooter then shot down a hallway and hit the other three students.

Several elected officials, from Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers to Governor Jay Inslee, have released statements condemning the shooting and offer condolences to the families involved.

In Spokane, St. John’s Cathedral says it will host a prayer vigil tonight at 7 for Freeman students and their families impacted by the shooting.

The school was locked down this morning shortly after the shooting began. Freeman Middle and Elementary Schools were also locked down, and students are being released to parents with ID after being interviewed.

Both Spokane and Central Valley districts locked down their schools temporarily, but by noon had resumed normal conditions and confirmed after-school activities would continue.

* Updated at 3:08 p.m.*