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Inland Journal is a half-hour public affairs program that includes news features and interviews produced by SPR staff, reporters from the Northwest News Network (N3) and others.  The program has a regional focus that reflects the broad listening area of Spokane Public Radio.

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Doug Nadvornick/SPR

As people prepare to spend time in the woods this spring and summer, wildlife officials are warning them to be prepared for encounters with animals, in particular, bears.

Firefighters in one northeastern Washington county received a lesson this week on the virtues of bear spray.

Hadda Estrada/Community Colleges of Spokane

This week, five men who work at the largest dam in the Republic of Georgia — that’s one of the former Soviet republics — are in Spokane to learn about how dams in eastern Washington are operated.

Inland Journal, April 19, 2018

Apr 19, 2018

Inland Journal for April 19, 2018

    ▪    The states of Idaho and Washington are embracing the call, through the Good Neighbor Authority, to help manage federal lands within their borders.
    ▪    We’ll go to Sacheen Lake, where this week, people are learning how to protect themselves against bears with bear sprays.
    ▪    We’ll learn more about delegates from a Republic of Georgia group in Spokane to learn about dam operations.

U.S. Forest Service

In 2014, the new Farm Bill allowed the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management to work with states to do watershed restoration and other work on federal land, particularly in areas where the work is needed but the agencies don’t have the money to do it.

Inland Journal, April 12, 2018

Apr 12, 2018

Inland Journal for April 12, 2018

   ▪    We’ll talk with pollster Stuart Elway about a new survey of voters in Washington’s Fifth Congressional District: how do they feel about the congressional candidates in the race — Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Lisa Brown, particularly — seven months before the election? Spokane Public Radio is one of the participating media organizations.
    ▪    We’ll learn more about a federal Department of Health and Human Services training exercise in Spokane this week. The agency brought a huge, specially-equipped medical evacuation plane to practice how to move patients with the Ebola virus to regional care centers such as Sacred Heart.
    ▪    Steve Jackson talks about another big plane, a World War II-era B-17, which is making a visit to Felts Field this week.
    ▪    And we look ahead at our final “Plan Well, Age Well” program on Friday.