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Democrat Throws Her Cowboy Hat in Race for State Senate

Oct 12, 2017
Doug Nadvornick/SPR

At Beck’s Harvest House on Greenbluff, north of Spokane, Karen Hardy is giving a visitor a ride in a buggy pulled by two large black work horses, Buddy and Curly. It’s a Sunday morning and the orchard is packed with visitors.

“Buddy. Thank you. Go with him, Curly," Hardy called out to her horses.

Hardy is the head teamster at the Rocking K Ranch in Deer Park. She trains the horses, cares for them, runs them at events like this. She and her team work weddings, hay rides, sleigh rides. Occasionally they pull a harrow in the fields.

Inland Journal, Oct. 12, 2017

Oct 12, 2017

This week on Inland Journal:

    ▪    We’ll profile the two candidates running for what will be an open seat on the Spokane City Council. We’ll meet with Tim Benn and Kate Burke, who are on the ballot in the Northeast district.
    ▪    Most odd-year elections are devoted to local candidates and issues, but this year, there are a few state legislative races that could have a real impact. The balance of the Washington state Senate could reverse with a change of just one seat. The Senate seat in the Seventh Legislative District is up for grabs this year and, while it isn’t expected to change hands, the potential is there. We’ll talk with the incumbent, Republican Shelly Short, and her Democratic challenger, Karen Hardy.
    ▪    We’ll also feature the candidate in the Seventh District House race, Republican Jacquelin Maycumber and Democratic Susan Swanson. Maycumber is the incumbent.

Republican Senator Seeks Re-Election in Seventh District

Oct 12, 2017
Doug Nadvornick/SPR

The Seventh District is one of the biggest in the state. It covers parts of 10 counties, including north Spokane, and because most of that is rural, campaigning door-to-door isn’t an efficient use of time.

So, candidates such as Sen. Shelly Short (R-Addy) often meet voters at events such as the annual cider fest in the town of Marcus, population about 180. It’s along Lake Roosevelt, about 15 miles northwest of Colville.

“These community events, the parades, the fairs, Fathers’ Day rodeo, all of those things are where you see people gathered. And we’ve always said that’s our rural form of doorbelling,” Short said.

Legislative Aide Pursues Spokane City Council Seat

Oct 12, 2017
Doug Nadvornick/SPR

The Hillyard business district is one of the commercial centers in the Northeast district and that’s where we met Kate Burke. We asked to walk the neighborhood with her as we talked.

Burke grew up on Spokane’s south side. But she has chosen to live in the Northeast section of the city.

“It just feels like home when I’m over here," she said. "I like doorbelling. I feel really comfortable. I enjoy conversations with the people over here.”

Day Care Owner Seeks Spokane City Council Seat

Oct 12, 2017
Doug Nadvornick/SPR

It’s election season and over our next few programs, we’ll feature candidates and measures that are appearing on Washington’s November 7 general election ballot. Those ballots should be in the mail sometime next week.

The Spokane City Council will see at least one new face in January as Amber Waldref moves off of the council due to term limits. She will be replaced in her Northeast district by either Tim Benn or Kate Burke. Though it’s a non-partisan race, Burke leans progressive and Benn is more conservative. Burke won 45% of the vote in the August primary, Benn about 37%.

We met Tim Benn at his family business, a licensed day care center he and his wife have operated in the Minnehaha neighborhood for 17  years.