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Ways to Connect

The question of whether the federal government will continue to provide funding for public radio and television is again before Congress. And so it was especially timely when Paula Kerger, the head of PBS, the Public Broadcasting Service, came to town last Friday.

“I’m here in Spokane to celebrate the 50th anniversary of KSPS and it’s an extraordinary milestone for the station, one of the earlier stations to sign in on the air in the country, so I’m really very proud to be part of this wonderful milestone event," Kerger told SPR's Steve Jackson.

Inland Journal, April 27, 2017

Apr 27, 2017

This week on the Inland Journal, thousands of boat owners in Washington and Idaho will have to take an extra step this year as they relicense their watercraft. For some it won’t be easy. Washington’s governor is in bill signing mode. We’ll tell you about a few of the state’s new laws. The head of the Public Broadcasting System stops in Spokane to talk about preserving federal funding for public broadcasting. And we’ll learn more about how so-called ‘adventure travel’ is changing to become more accessible to older travelers.

The Coast Guard is enforcing new standards that require many boat owners around the nation to get new hull identification numbers, or HINs, for their boats. A HIN is the nautical version of the vehicle identification number, or the VIN, on a car or truck.

WA Governor Inslee Busy Signing Bills

Apr 27, 2017

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has been busy this week and last doing an essential function of his job: signing bills into law.

Most of them are targeted and will have a small impact.

Spokane Cardiologist Explains Heart Attacks

Apr 14, 2017

I’ve seen the term "heart attack" thousands of times and yet I’ve never really understood what it is. So I went to the Providence Spokane Heart Institute to talk with cardiologist Dr. Brad Batkoff.