Men in Charge

  • Hosted by Tony Flinn, Kevin Decker

A series from the creative genius of Tony Flinn and Kevin Decker

Season 5, Episode 6: It’s Not Your Birthday!

Apr 23, 2017

Men in Charge celebrates the fact that it’s not your birthday today! But don’t despair, we will still entertain you in the manner to which you may or may not have become accustomed. First up, it’s Guy Burley, Responsible Budget Steward and Public Bartender, who championed the public good as well as lifts spirits—from his portable bartending machine to your lips. After that, we have a sudden and unaccountable newsbreak about devastation and destruction going on in a neighborhood near you.

Season 5, Episode 5: Curiously Unfocused Cruelty

Apr 16, 2017

In this episode Kevin and Tony point out that patriotically pervasive cruelty has become blurry, unfocused, and not well thought out. We find that curious, and this episode’s segments bear that out.  First we introduce “Nellie Magdalena,” a middle school principal whose school is re-branded when it’s taken over by the Holistic Pharmaceuticals Corporation.  Even Nellie's inner monologue can’t rescue either her or public education.  Next, Tony and Kevin unclog the spam filter yet again, but once more they prove too naïve to be properly scammed.

Season 5, Episode 4: CHAOS 2

Apr 9, 2017

Hello, it’s paragon of public radio villainy Anders Lurkawhile here, interrupting your regularly scheduled internet blog reading to announce an entirely new “CHAOS,” the science program that proves that the majesty of human life and culture is really just a fluke of the laws of physics. In addition to celebrating (er, excuse me, remembering) the unexpectedly brutal death of my radio sidekick Dr. Declan MacPogge, formerly of the Institute for Presbyterian Organic Chemistry at the University of St.

Season 5, Episode 3: Drink from the Carton!

Apr 2, 2017

Because what happens in commercials is all-too-real (in a sense), we begin with a word from our sponsor, A la Carte Reality Services, who perform localized reality alteration to make your life better—or at least, not not-worse. Then we join Lower Heights’ favorite radio sidekick, Jeff Schmaltz, as he introduces a new cooking/philosophy show, “Cooking with Meister Heidegger.” The culinary results will be pretty, but not  healthy.

Season 5, Episode 2: Remembering Season Four

Mar 26, 2017

For this episode we look back once more on the glory that was Season 4, and then we change the subject, fearing that the rest of the episode won’t measure up to that glory.  Our first segment is another “Unsatisfactory TED Talk,” featuring the “One Wheel” philosophy of the unicycle-riding “Sister Fire Duck Blossom.” As TED talks go, this one is very bad.  Next, we return to the adventures of Dan Blanche, the longest-serving adjunct writing instructor at Lower Heights Community College.  This time, his students show him even fresher and more enterprising forms of disrespect.