Men in Charge

  • Hosted by Tony Flinn, Kevin Decker

A series from the creative genius of Tony Flinn and Kevin Decker

Season 3, Episode 25: It's a Polish Trattoria!

Mar 5, 2017

Kevin and Tony fly to Indonesia while still managing to go on a “Wine Tasting with Men in Charge” segment. Are there aliens in this episode? Probably.  And where there are aliens, you can be sure there are government agents trying to steal their stuff.   We also go on another British Pub Crawl with Stephen Crawley, in which we get to hear the truth about “Science,” the truth that scientizers don't want you know.

Season 3, Episode 24: Don't Think You Know Better Than Haig!

Feb 27, 2017

If you thought you did, don’t.  And here’s why.  To start, we bring back the first of our Unsatisfactory TED Talks.  If it changes your life, well, your life must have really, really needed it.

Season 3, Episode 23: Brown Around the Edges!

Feb 27, 2017

So much is “Brown Around the Edges” that Kevin and Tony don’t have time to point and chuckle at everything.  But for the third instance of Ethics Lite®, host Reggie Forge not only dismantles a caller for his lapse into actual ethics, but also offers a set of Ethics Lite® products and services for interested consumers who want to buy their way into a more ethical posture.  Attendees at the Men’s Rights Conference ask, among other questions, “Where are our tampons?” Then, Benign Crime, a “sponsor,” once more explains where your money goes (not to you!).  Next, Dan Blanche (Lower He

Season 3, Episode 22: Your Pants Don’t Fit!

Feb 12, 2017

Tony and Kevin note how repulsed they are by your pants not fitting, and what the various causes for this phenomenon might be; hipsters Ellis and Trudy offer “new rules” for enjoying your grocery shopping experience at Peddler’s Pete’s (“YETI!”); Sherpa Tenzing, who saw Sir Edmund Hilary to the summit of Mount Everest, shares management tips for low-oxygen decision making; the epic quest of an elderly customer at the post office determined to get “one of each stamp” is recounted in detail; in the “Philosopher’s Corner,” Morten Gould talks Stevie Wonder and the roots of philosophy in mediev

Season 3, Episode 21: Drink from the Mini-bar!

Feb 5, 2017

Tony and Kevin explain the consequence-free joys of breaking into a neighboring hotel room to drink from the mini-bar; in “Disgruntled Belgian Talk Radio,” Didier Vendage again violates the most basic social taboos about chatting up women; Tony and Kevin sell their service, “Professional Guests,” where we attend your parties and make you look good—for a low, low price!