Men in Charge

  • Hosted by Tony Flinn, Kevin Decker

A series from the creative genius of Tony Flinn and Kevin Decker

Having aired the first subsection of chapter 2 of Part One of Rocket to the Future! last week, it would have been madness not to air subsection 2, the Conclusion!.  Cadet Billy proves not tall enough to release Professor Shadowy and Lieutenant Nemesis from the Vanguard’s brig, and Professor Shadowy, having lost his radioactive name tag, once again is reduced to being Farley Stubbs, encyclopedia salesman.

The clamor has been audible for a return to the adventures of the crew of the Earth Space Force rocketship Vanguard, so this week brings the first half of chapter 2.  As we’ll recall from chapter 1, during preparations for a mission to Mars to put down the insurrection of the Martian natives, the crew of the Vanguard apprehends two saboteurs, the treacherous Lieutenant Nemesis and the shadowy Professor Shadowy, who is being controlled by a radioactive name tag. In this episode, Captain Major remains drunk.  Also, Ensign Zinn and Crewman #4 uncrate a used android named Phil.

Season 5, Episode 7: Women in Charge: Who Killed Tony and Kevin?

Apr 30, 2017

We hope the title doesn’t give too much away as Tony and Kevin are brutally murdered, then tied up for their own good, in the Men in Charge studios. While unconcerned for the fate of the eponymous Men, Neesha is upset about how they’ve left dead air, and she invites both Nancy (and her alter-ego Reggie Forge) and a folk singer (and her alter-ego Liz) to solve the mystery and then take over Tony and Kevin’s show.  It’s an episode of “Thelma and Louise” (and Liz) proportions!

Season 5, Episode 6: It’s Not Your Birthday!

Apr 23, 2017

Men in Charge celebrates the fact that it’s not your birthday today! But don’t despair, we will still entertain you in the manner to which you may or may not have become accustomed. First up, it’s Guy Burley, Responsible Budget Steward and Public Bartender, who championed the public good as well as lifts spirits—from his portable bartending machine to your lips. After that, we have a sudden and unaccountable newsbreak about devastation and destruction going on in a neighborhood near you.

Season 5, Episode 5: Curiously Unfocused Cruelty

Apr 16, 2017

In this episode Kevin and Tony point out that patriotically pervasive cruelty has become blurry, unfocused, and not well thought out. We find that curious, and this episode’s segments bear that out.  First we introduce “Nellie Magdalena,” a middle school principal whose school is re-branded when it’s taken over by the Holistic Pharmaceuticals Corporation.  Even Nellie's inner monologue can’t rescue either her or public education.  Next, Tony and Kevin unclog the spam filter yet again, but once more they prove too naïve to be properly scammed.