A San Francisco researcher who studies how childhood hardships affect the health of people going forward is coming to Spokane Wednesday to speak at her alma mater. Dr. Nicole Bush has been named the first distinguished alumni researcher at Gonzaga’s Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Integrity.

Excerpts from McMorris Rodgers' Spokane Town Hall

Aug 11, 2017
KSPS Television

Here are clips from Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ town hall at Gonzaga on August 10. (on the American Health Care Act, funding for Planned Parenthood and medical marijuana)

Doug Nadvornick/SPR

For a few weeks recently, Ferguson had quite a high profile, not only in the state, but also nationally, because of his decision to challenge the initial Trump Administration travel ban on people from certain countries. He appeared on national news broadcasts to explain the state’s position. And last Friday, he held a session at Gonzaga law school here in Spokane. Here are some excerpts from his talk.

A conference March 10th in Spokane focuses on strategies for suicide prevention. The all-day Zero Suicide Conference will take place at Gonzaga University. Conference organizer Sabrina Votova says our region experiences higher rates of suicide than the national average.

Votova: "Our area of eastern Washington has higher rates than the western side of Washington."

Votava says two things impact the risk of suicide here. One, in rural areas it is more difficult to access mental health resources, and two, there is more access to unsecured guns.

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Gonzaga University is being acknowledged for its contribution to the Peace Corps. For the third year running, Gonzaga University was the number one recruiting school for small colleges in the U-S when it came to Peace corps volunteers.