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For Tim Eyman, when it comes to initiatives it’s all about timing. And now the professional initiative promoter thinks the time is right for another version of his $30 car tabs measure. That’s because of Sound Transit 3, the voter-approved measure that has resulted in a spike in vehicle registration renewal fees.

Photo courtesy of Steve Jackson

If you’ve been noticing a large number of vintage sports cars in gorgeous colors and shapes around Spokane today and wondering of some event is happening, you guessed right.

It’s the annual national meeting of Porsche enthusiasts, an event called the Porsche Parade.

The 2017 National Porsche Parade has come to town, bringing an estimated 2,500 enthusiasts and literally hundreds of the classic German sports cars to Spokane this week.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has emerged as a fierce critic of President Donald Trump. The Democrat has hit the cable news circuit and blasted the president over immigration, health care, climate change.

In doing so, Inslee’s developed a national profile.  

For the first time since 1983, there will be no statewide initiatives on the November ballot in Washington state. More than 30 initiatives to the people had been filed in Washington since January.

Friday was the deadline to turn in qualifying signatures.

In a move certain to anger Republicans, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee on Friday vetoed a tax break for manufacturers that lawmakers passed last week as part of a budget deal to avoid a July 1 government shutdown.