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Lee David Zahir

Idaho Democrat Paulette Jordan is gearing up her campaign for governor.

Jordan says despite the perception that Idaho is a solid Republican state, she has a good chance of being elected.

Avista To Install New "Smart Meters" in Homes, Businesses

May 21, 2018
Doug Nadvornick/SPR

Imagine using your smart phone to check in on how much energy your home or business are using. Avista says that will be possible with a new two-year project to install new “smart” meters and sensors for all of its Washington customers.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is headed to Iowa--a frequent first stop for presidential hopefuls.

A rare cougar attack east of Seattle left one bicyclist dead and another seriously injured over the weekend.

Monday morning, Gov. Kate Brown convenes the state's first special legislative session since she became governor in 2015.

A week ago, forecasters were predicting the Okanogan River might crest this weekend near a record flood mark set back in 1972. Now, emergency managers are moving into “defense mode” and are now predicting somewhat lower water levels.

Seven different companies have notified Washington's Department of Licensing that they plan to test self-driving vehicles on roads in the state. Oregon transportation officials have gotten notifications from two other companies.

Residents of the Okanogan Valley have been battling floodwaters for more than a week. But floods are not a new thing here. There have been two major floods in previous decades.

The Northwest’s only commercial nuclear reactor went offline Friday morning in an unplanned event. The Columbia Generating Station went offline around 7 a.m. when its main power transformers automatically disconnected from the grid.

Idaho Conservation League

Bonner County, Idaho voters this week rejected a proposed wilderness area in north Idaho.

The vote was 5672 to 4831 against the proposed 13 thousand acre Scotchman Peak wilderness area.

Although the vote was only advisory, Republican US senator Jim Risch now says he will not reintroduce legislation that would create the wilderness area. He had previously introduced such legislation in 2016. At that time, he held public hearings in the region and said it appeared most people supported the idea of wilderness designation.