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A series of intense wildfire seasons has taken a toll on the Oregon Department of Forestry. That's according to an audit released Tuesday by the Oregon Secretary of State's office.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Tuesday declared a state of emergency in 20 counties mostly on the dry side of the Cascades, an area vulnerable to wildfire. Resources are stretched thin in the battle to save homes and property.

Office of the Governor

Spokane County residents suffering damage from the two fires now known as the Spokane Complex Fires are advised to contact Greater Spokane Emergency Management.

GSEM has posted damage assessment forms for owners an announced today they have damage assessment forms for homeowners, renters, and businesses.

"The information you provide will be used to identify unmet needs and seek appropriate assistance through community resources to those who qualify," GSEM said in a statement. 

Officials say the fire burning south of Spokane near the town of Spangle has been a challenge to fight because of the terrain. Approximately 550 firefighters on the "Yale Road Fire" are dealing with tough country.
“Actually some difficult draws and ravines and cliff areas and terrain that is difficult to access with machinery, so it’s all got to be done by hand,” says Fire Information Officer Jeff Sevigny.

Spokane, Washington, the state’s second largest city, found itself surrounded by flames Monday after high winds and heat Sunday caused the rapid spread of three separate wildfires.