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Editor’s note: Anna King’s reports from the 2015 wildfires in Washington state earned national recognition in breaking news and crisis journalism. We asked our Richland correspondent to reflect on fire, safety, and what’s changed over the years. --Phyllis Fletcher

EcologyWA via flickr

The head of the department of natural resources is asking state lawmakers to provide more money for efforts to both reduce the threat of wildfires and be able to fight them next year.

The National Guard

In the aftermath of a ferocious wildfire summer, a Western Washington University professor believes we must re-think the way wildfires are fought. He advocates fighting fire with fire, and he questions the increasing use of aerial tankers.

U.S. Department of Agriculture via Flickr

Fire investigators say the Carpenter road fire burning north of Spokane in Stevens County was human caused.

The Chelan and Okanogan Complex fires total more than 230,000 acres. Both fires still threaten more than 8,000 homes.